Investing in Today's Leaders!!

It is often said that “The youth are the Leaders of tomorrow”, but with the recent spike in cultism, militancy, fraud, and get rich quick schemes, there is an urgent need for intervention.
Most blame the government for not creating the youth opportunities or they blame the parents for shirking their responsibilities

Maybe, the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” has been forgotten. The truth is, everyone has a role to play in the development of the next generation of leaders.
Yes! They may be Tomorrow’s leaders, but we need to start preparing them for leadership now!!

Every year, @kirfoundation organizes the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy(YLA), a one-day leadership workshop, designed to train newly elected Senior Secondary School prefects
Since 2014, we have trained 545 school prefects as emerging young leaders that are driving positive change in their various schools through service.

 This year, we will build the capacity of three (3) newly elected prefects each from thirty (30) secondary schools (public, private and special) in Rivers State.
You can also invest in today’s leaders today by sponsoring a student with a copy of the ‘Young Leader’s Guide’ which is a leadership manual for building leadership skills in youth.

KIR Foundation's Coding for Impact with Princewill

Princewill coder
Princewill Oriyebeka is a 17-year-old teenager who has had a passion for coding for over three years. Unfortunately, there was no way to drive and follow up with it.

Last year, 3 of Princewill's schoolmates were going to visit the KIR Foundation's Resource Centre and asked him to join them. At first, he refused to join them because he felt too tired to go anywhere. He didn't join them until his classmates insisted.

On arrival, he and his classmates were asked to go into the vocational training room of the Centre where he saw some teenagers practicing website design.

He was surprised to see teenagers like him using laptops to build basic websites. He had a personal laptop at home but didn't know he could create websites with it. He joined the coding club, instantly forgetting about his numerous excuses. Finally, he could follow his dream of being a programmer

Fast forward a year later, Princewill has shown some potential in every coding topic he has learned in the coding club.

A young man who had no idea whatsoever about coding, has built a guessing app which shows the user a statement based on ICT and the user is to guess if the statement is true or false and along with his fellow coding club members, is building an app that teaches persons with and without disabilities how to use American Sign Language.
Princewill coding

Princewill also plans to build games that'll not just be fun to play but also increase the critical thinking skills of its players.

It's because of teenagers like Princewill that we will continue to inspire change through learning.