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In harnessing the power of visual documentation and storytelling, how can we apply the use of photography to stories of environmental protection and potential solutions to understand how we can best move forward?
For this assignment, 20 photographers will be asked to visually illustrate the environmental projects supported by the GCCA+ in 10 different countries. Themes will span from energy (solar and other renewable energy), nature-based solutions, climate displacement, coastal resilience, climate finance, gender, waste management, mangroves restoration, and more.

 Projects will take place for a 1-2 week period from October 2019 to April 2020, and we are looking for photographers from the following countries to document the local environmental projects:
Africa: Ghana, Togo, Djibouti, Chad, Mozambique, Sudan, Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria
The Caribbeans: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago
Oceania: Papaua New Guinea, Marshall Islands
Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Bhutan
Capture at least 40 high-quality images with relevant captions and meta-data of the assigned GCCA+ project
Write an accompanying article (400 words) to contextualize the photos
Application Procedure:
Write a brief introduction to yourself, your work, and your experience with environmental photography/NGOs
Include a link to your portfolio or a sample of your work (optional: include links to your social media platforms and past-published works)
Indicate your estimated availability and location for the next year

List the photography equipment and relevant software that you have

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Google gives free tutorials to help you succeed online, from social media to search engines and beyond.
People who are unable to attend face-to-face training sessions and who want to acquire digital skills in their own time from their phone or computer, Google is launching a new Digital Skills Africa Online Portal.

The portal contains 89 online lessons on a wide range of digital subjects including web analytics, social media management and mobile marketing available in English and French and soon in Portuguese. Google hopes the portal will enable more people in more African countries to make the most of the web. The training is available to anyone, and people who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Online Proficiency.

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Application Deadline: 9 September 2019
C40 in partnership with the city of Addis Ababa is contributing to the emergence of the next generation of climate leaders by sharing knowledge and experience through an ambitious mentorship program dedicated to women in C40 cities.
The Program will match committed leaders from the business sector, international organizations, and community organizations with emerging female leaders. The mentors will share their knowledge and experiences, supporting the mentees in becoming powerful leaders in their chosen field including politics, NGOs, business, media, and community groups.
Addis Ababa is seeking mentees from a diverse range of sectors and backgrounds who are developing innovative projects or ideas that will help the city to become more resilient to the increasing vulnerability caused by climate change.
Each woman selected for the program will:
Receive mentoring for about 10 months.
Engage in collective sessions with other mentees and mentors

Receive training that enhances communication and advocacy skills to build the mentee’s ability to be more influential.

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The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is an annual award for unpublished short fiction administered and funded by the Commonwealth Foundation. The prize covers the Commonwealth regions of Africa, Asia, Canada and Europe, Caribbean and Pacific. The international judging panel comprises one judge from each of the five regions. Please note that while the entries will be judged regionally, all judges will read and deliberate on entries from all regions. An international judging panel will judge the final selection; experienced readers will assist the named judges in selecting the longlist.
The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is awarded for the best piece of unpublished short fiction (2,000–5,000 words) in English

Location: Online

There will be five winners, one from each region.
One regional winner will be selected as the overall winner.
The overall winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize will receive £5,000
The remaining four regional winners will receive £2,500.

If the winning short story is a translation into English, the translator will receive additional prize money.

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