What is leadership?

“A large chair does not make a king” – Sudanese Proverb
This proverb rightly defines leadership.

The position is not what defines a leader but his/her actions. Leadership is the ability to inspire or influence others towards achieving a specific goal.

Take Timi for example, Timi was in a Private Secondary School in Lagos Island and was a member of Junior Achievement Nigeria in his school.

During the summer holiday, when Timi was 14 years old, he volunteered at a Youth Centre in a part of Ajegunle known as Dustbin Estate, where children and their parents lived on refuse dumps.

When Timi got back to school, he spoke to the president of his club about starting a book drive for the Centre in Dustbin Estate.

Timi was made the head of the book drive and together with his teammates, they collected used books, which were sent to the Centre.

In the above example, Timi became the head of the book drive after he observed a problem and wanted to provide a solution. He used his leadership position to achieve his goal.
Leadership has nothing to do with age, race, gender or background. It is simply the ability to influence people, which can be used in a positive way to serve others or in a negative way that shows no consideration for others.

Therefore, a good leader is someone who uses his/her abilities to influence others to achieve positive results.

To find out more about what leadership is, read the Wikipedia article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leadership.

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