CTIAF Enterprise Development Programme Project 2020 

Deadline: 7th March 2020

CleanTech Incubation and Acceleration Foundation(CTIAF) with the support of all on and Rockefeller foundation wishes to inform you that the Application Portal for 2020 All on/ CTIAF Enterprise development programme Project 2020.

About the Challenge

The off-Grid energy challenge is led by All on and clean Tech Incubation and acceleration foundation (CTIAF) are calling for clean energy entrepreneur with innovative clean energy ideas to pitch their ideas.  
The selected entrepreneur will receive incubation support from CTIAF.
Support to move from the ideation phase to proof of concept phase.
A chance to get a grant of up to $ 10,000

Mentorship opportunities 

Through the challenge, CTIAF and All on support energy entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 

  To Apply 
Fill the form on this link: http://bit.ly/36AXhDx

Selected applicant will be contacted to pitch their idea to our judges.
Applicant must be present on their selected pitch day.

Pitch Days 
Aba: 11th march 2020
Uyo: 19th march, 2020
Who Can Apply 

Anyone with a feasible, scalable clean energy business idea in the following categories but not restricted to:
  • Waste to power
  • Biomass
  • Clean cookstove 
  • Renewable Energy 
                      WHAT IS YOUR IDEA?
Interested applicant can apply via:http://bit.ly/36AXhDx

Registration For Port Harcourt School Of AI's Machine Learning Cohort 2020

We are opened up applications to register for practical machine learning prerequisite track which will be kicking off from March 7th

Pre - Requisite Track 

Our pre-requisite track runs for 5 Saturdays and one Friday (April 4th), you can refer to the syllabus on the specific dates for the classes in this track. This track will be free for the community but with a limited number of registrants, due to the available resources.
The weekend classes are expected to take 4-5 hours of your time.
For a glimpse of our guest facilitators for the pre-requisite track, please see the speaker flyer here. The instructors for these tracks will be announced on our social media pages and especially to those who register for the classes.

Main Track

Our main tracks run quite longer than the pre-requisite track. The main track 1 (machine learning track) runs for about 20 weeks.  The projects you get to work on are projects with resources and datasets that are synonymous to problems we face in our local society such as healthcare, retail, agriculture, logistics, and even manufacturing. 

Most Ideal Learner/Student To Take This Course

For a learner to gain the optimal benefits of the "Practical Machine Learning course" (#pmlcourse), they must;
  1. Live in the Port Harcourt city or close, because one of the cores of our methodology is the "empathetic" human connection involved in the educational process.
  2. Be passionate about learning and continuous growth.
  3. Be willing to start a career in machine learning and data technologies.
  4. Have at least 15 hours/week to spare for the duration of the program
Do you think you are up for the #pmlcourse?Register here 

Creating a world of good: Microsoft launches the Global Social Entrepreneurship program
Imagine what it would mean if communities that lack access to safe drinking water had a simple, affordable way to test their water supply for cholera, a water-borne disease that sickens 4 million people every year and causes an estimated 143,000 deaths? Or if we could skim plastic bottles, bags and microfibers from coastal waterways around the world? And what if there was a way to connect Africa’s growing community of young data scientists with organizations that have valuable data sets but lack the expertise to uncover the insights that the data might provide?
The good news is that today, this work is already happening. It’s happening at startups that are creating new businesses, built around powerful technologies and designed to make the world a better place. A smartphone-based cholera detection system developed by OmniVis is already being tested in field studies in Bangladesh and elsewhere. Our global initiative is designed to help social enterprise startups build and scale their companies to do good globally. The program is available in 140 countries and will actively seek to support underrepresented founders with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. 
The criteria to qualify for the program include a business metric that measures the impact on an important social or environmental challenge; an established product or service that will benefit from access to enterprise customers; and a commitment to the ethical and responsible use of AI.
I believe more than ever that amazing thing happens when startups work together with investors, enterprises, governments, nonprofits and communities. Through Global Social Entrepreneurship, we look forward to working in close partnership with social enterprises from around the world. I can’t think of a more compelling way to help create a sustainable, accessible and equitable world. To learn more and apply, please visit: https://startups.microsoft.com/en-us/social-entrepreneurship/


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