French-African Young Leaders Program 2020

Deadline: April 3rd, 2020
Convinced that the young people of African and fiance belong to a single generation and that they bear shared responsibilities in a world in common, the French-African Foundation wishes to identify, assemble and nurture young talents, African from all backgrounds.

Selected candidates must show the talent, passion and shared values that have the potential to contribute to transformative change in Africa and in France. They must e committed and o=motivated to engage their potential and leadership to drive this change as part of the young leaders programme and community


  • Be between 28 and 40 years old as of October 31st 2020.
  • Have french nationality or the nationality of an African country.
  • Fluency in English is required. fluency in french or a demonstrated interest to learn french is highly beneficial and will be an advantage in the application process.

For More Visit French African Young Leaders

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Masters for Machine Intelligence Program 2020/2021 (fully-funded)

Deadline: April 15,2020

Application for the African institute for mathematical sciences (AIMS) masters for machine intelligence (AMMI is a fully-funded one-year intensive master's program that provides brilliant young Africans with state of the art training in machine learning ML and its application at campuses in Rwanda and ghana.

The African masters of machine intelligence program prepare well-round machine learning reachers y focusing on basic research in artificial intelligence as well as the development of a vast array of application that responds to both Present and future needs of African and the world.


  • Women are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Applicant must have a strong interest in solving national or continental challenges using science and technology.
  • Applicants' record must demonstrate interest and/or have a background in artificial intelligence, machine learning.

For more Information, Visit AIMS

Commonwealth100 Online Leadership Development Programme 2020

Deadline: Ongoing

Apply to participate in commonwealth100- a free,crowd-sourced, experiential online leadership development programme that aims to equip a new generation of the young leaders from the commonwealth with skill relevant to the 21st century with the open-source leadership model.

Open source leadership was crowdsourced from and co-created by 1000 young leaders across the commonwealth in 2017 and identifies five key areas of development crucial for 21st-century leadership. open source leaders are Awake, Interconnected, Trustworthy, Quick, and Accessible.
The programme runs every 2 months for seven weeks and can be completed in your own time.

How Does It Work
Using an online platform, you will hear from seniors and emerging leaders who have had to lead complex change. You will take part in interactive exercises and discussions with peers from across the commonwealth. And you will read compelling articles, which explore the skills you need to be successful in the 21st century.

Commonwealth100 is open to young people aged 18+
You may be at the beginning of your career or in higher or further education.

Upcoming programme dates are:
6 March -24 April 2020
1 May - 19 June 2020
3 July - 21 August 2020
This will continue to run in a similar pattern through 2020.

For More Information, VisitCommonwealth100


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