Monday, 11 June 2018

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling is one of Keeping It Real(KIR) Foundation’s projects in public schools in Nigeria. This project aims to expose and equip students with an increased understanding of the educational, vocational and social information needed to make wise career choices.
This edition will be held at the Government Technical College, Trans- Amadi, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria

GlobalGiving May 2018 Info graphic Report
It is precisely one year since the Keeping It Real(KIR) Foundation team visited the following adopted schools in Mubi Hills in Adamawa State; CDM Primary School, Lila, CDM Primary School Lainde, and CDM Nursery School Gilmari. After that visit, we wrote about our observations and desire to build the education infrastructure of the communities. We informed you our dear donors that the communities require basic physical infrastructure---classrooms, toilets, playgrounds---to create a safe learning environment for the pupils, as well as giving learning materials to the teachers so that they can provide quality education. Thank you so much for responding and we are most grateful to our recurring donor too.
Last year May, the Keeping It Real(KIR) Foundation team metCalmas, Goldiya and their school mates when the KIR Foundation team visited their school; CDM Primary School Lainde in Mubi Hills in Adamawa State. At that time, they were learning under a tree with a few rickety benches and this affected their school attendance, because when the weather was too hot, or it rained they could not attend school. Due to your magnanimous investment, the construction of the classroom block is now at the roofing stage. The Chairman of the PTA; MrShawa expressed his profound gratitude to you donors for constructing a safer and more conducive environment for learning for Calmas, Goldiya and their schoolmates. Also, he pleaded with you dear donors to assist in finishing the classroom block. The classroom block needs to be fitted with doors, windows, desks and has to be floored for it to be completed.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the PTA of CDM Primary School, Lila, Mr Grody, also thanked you our wonderful donors, he said; “The desks that were donated have delivered our children from sitting on bare floor, the text books have enhanced the learning ability of the children and even the bookshelves where they keep the books have provided ultimate protection for the books so that they can continue using them for a long time. All of the items are extremely useful, and we shall forever be grateful to those who have made life easier and better for our little ones, God bless you!”

We are so elated and relieved to inform you that our little toddlers in CDM Nursery School Gilmari are no longer learning under the makeshift zinc and bamboo structure. We appreciate the efforts of the Head Teacher Polycarp, who coordinated the stakeholder community involvement by getting the parents to mould 750 blocks, fetch water and provide labour for the construction of the classroom block. A classroom block has been completed for them with donations from local donors who heard about the commitment of the parents and decided to do a fundraising during Christmas. The children are currently safely ensconced from the weather and insects and can now attend and stay in school despite inclement weather conditions. However, they do not have desks to sit on and are presently sitting on the floor.

Indeed, dear donors, together, we have come a long way since last year. Your investments have made learning fun, interactive, life changing and possibly life saving for our beneficiaries. According to a report released last year by UNESCO, 264 million children around the world lack access to education. However, we believe that number could even be higher if not for the investments of donors like you!
Nonetheless, we are very certain that with your continuous investment we can reduce the number of children around the world who lack access to education. However, we still need  $34,929 to ensure that the project is finished on time. Kindly consider becoming a recurring donor and donate to the and please encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same. All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers to the full extent permitted by the law. Your donations will help us break the cycle of poverty by providing quality education for our rural beneficiaries. Also visit our website to learn more about us.

Monday, 14 May 2018


Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation is hosting the 5th annual Inclusive Young Leadership Academy on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, with the objective of building the capacity of newly elected prefects of twenty-five (25) public, private and special secondary schools in Rivers State. Since 2014, KIR Foundation in partnership with some corporate partners has hosted the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy (YLA) for three hundred and fifty-four (354) Senior Students and sixty-seven (67) Teachers with the support of thirty-five (35) Volunteers and twenty (20) Facilitators working with fifty-nine (59) Secondary Schools including Special Schools for youth with disability, which makes the project disability inclusive, hence the name Inclusive Young Leadership Academy (YLA).

The feedback from the participating schools indicate that after the leadership workshop, the students have a clear understanding that student leadership is a call to serve and not to be served.

Peace Gillis, the Social Prefect of Community Secondary School Amadi-Ama, was one of the participants 2017 YLA. At the end of the workshop Peace said she was going back to her school a changed leader, because she has learnt how to communicate effectively. She made a commitment to be an inspiration and a good example to her peers and the Junior students in her School.

Another participant, ThankGod Thomas Rufus, a student of Community Secondary School Oyibo, said he realized that Leadership is not about bullying juniors students, but being a positive influence. He decided that he would initiate self-development projects for the students in his school.

This year, KIR Foundation will build the capacity of four newly elected prefects each, from twenty-five Secondary Schools including the Special School for Handicapped Children by giving them the tools they need to become innovative leaders in the Society.

Some of the prospective participants of this year’s Inclusive Young Leadership Academy, are eagerly looking forward to the one-day workshop and are planning to become change agents in their school with the knowledge they will acquire.

When the KIR Foundation team visited their schools, the emerging leaders shared the following with them;

Micheal, the Senior Prefect of Dietams International School, believes that the knowledge he will get from YLA will enable him to make a difference in his school.

Sonia, the Sports Prefect of Immanuel International School, hopes to learn ways to make her fellow students become better citizens and have good goals in life

Chukwuebuka, the Deputy Senior Prefect of Tamwills Educational Centre, expects to be enlightened on how to become a good role model, and to teach other students what he will learn from the workshop.

Kindly partner with us to raise the next generation of innovative leaders by investing in the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy. Donate Now

Monday, 18 December 2017

KIR Foundation's 4th Quarter Newsletter, 2017

Kindly find attached the KIR Foundation 4th Quarter Newsletter 2017 and a Christmas Card from all of us at KIR Foundation.

Best regards always,

The KIR Foundation Team.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Young Leader’s Guide

The Young Leader’s Guide is a leadership manual for secondary school students published by KIR Foundation in 2015. It is also an educational tool used by KIR Foundation for its Inclusive Young Leadership Academy (YLA). The Inclusive Young Leadership Academy is a One-day Workshop for newly elected leaders in Secondary Schools. The aim of the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy is to provide tools for the prefects to become mentors and peer educators in their respective schools and to advocate and create awareness about inclusive education.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

KIR Foundation 5th Annual Charity Fair

Since 2013,  KIR Foundation has been hosting  the Annual Charity Fair with the following objectives; to tell the stories of how the donations from our donors and partners have transformed the lives of our beneficiaries,  to create awareness about our projects as well as to display and sell the items made by our beneficiaries with and without disabilities so that our beneficiaries can be encouraged to be more self-reliant.