About Us

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation was established in 2010 as a non-profit and nongovernmental organization (RC 916541). KIR Foundation has been in operation since 2011 as a disability inclusive organization with the primary objective of ‘inspiring change through learning’. We have identified lifelong learning as a necessity for closing educational gaps, advocating the rights of our underserved and marginalized beneficiaries (vulnerable children, youth persons with disabilities, prison inmates, women and our local communities) and developing their capacities through sustainable programs. KIR Foundation has its headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a Liaison Office in Lagos and partnerships with various non-profit organizations and coalitions all over Nigeria. All our projects are strategically aligned to promoting and implementing SDGs 1,4,5,8,10 and 17


In the past 8 years, KIR Foundation has worked with about 100 institutions in Nigeria (Lagos State, Rivers State, Imo State, Adamawa State, Niger State, Kwara State, Plateau State Abuja the capital of Nigeria and Ghana; more than 29,046.people have benefitted from our projects and we have donated over 21,123 books, numerous educational aids, starter kits  and farming implements and publishing ‘The Young Leader’s Guide, a leadership manual for young people. Currently, we are working with stakeholders in the corporate and social sectors to provide business linkages for persons with and without disabilities and by 2023, we will put over 30,000 books in the hands of our underserved beneficiaries. Kindly check our website www.kirfoundation.org and social media handles (@kirfoundation; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube Channel) for more details.

Inspiring Change through Learning

KIR Foundation is a disability-inclusive, education, advocacy, capacity and sustainable development organization committed to inspiring lifelong learning and creating transformative change in the lives of vulnerable children, youth, persons with disabilities, prison inmates, women and our local communities. 

To raise innovative leaders committed to lifelong learning to transform their communities.
Core Values represent the essence of who we are as an organization. These values guide the relationships, processes, actions and decisions made by all the team members at Keeping It Real Foundation.
  • Faith in God
We believe in God as our ultimate source and it is our love for God that compels us to serve.
  • Respect for the individual
We believe in the sanctity of human life and appreciate the fact that we are all different and have something valuable to contribute to our communities.
  • Continuous learning
We are a learning organization and are constantly exploring innovative ways to make a real difference.
  • Enrichment through partnerships
We collaborate with various stakeholders and we are always willing to share what we know.

  • Implementing Sustainable Projects
We believe that our projects must meet real needs, create opportunities for our beneficiaries and must have commensurate results.

We have three programmatic focus areas: Education, Advocacy, Capacity and Sustainable Development under each program, there are specific project components.
•Capacity and Sustainable Development

KIR Foundation as a globally focused organization supports and promotes the implementation of the United nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Goals 1, 4,5,8,10 and 17 (Please insert the KIR Foundation Global Goal Logo)

Most deprived, marginalized and vulnerable groups in the society are our primary stakeholders. They include the following;

• Vulnerable children in orphanages and homes for street children get educational support through our book drive campaign and we develop their capacity and advocate their rights through various partnerships.
•Youth – In and out of school youth benefit from our after school academic projects, career guidance and counselling initiative, Inclusive Young Leadership Academy, entrepreneurship, ICT   and vocational training projects
•Persons with Disabilities - We raise awareness on physical, social, cultural, and communication barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating in society and promote their inclusion in society. We develop their social and educational capacity so that they are mainstreamed in development policies thereby creating systemic change around disability inclusion.

•Prison Inmates – We Support prison inmates through the prison adult literacy program by donating books and educational supplies. We believe that education is an opportunity and an effective way of sustainably rehabilitating prison inmates for a successful life outside prison.
•Women – Through our entrepreneurial program with rural farmers, women are supported to become key agents of positive change in the Agricultural Sector.  We partner with other non-profit organisations to equip poor rural female farmers thereby promoting household empowerment as a direct or indirect objective.
•Local Communities – KIR Foundation organises projects in our local communities which are targeted at disadvantaged and underserved groups to strengthen and build capacity especially as regards education. We partner with community-based non-profits to ensure stakeholder engagement and sustainability by promoting the global Goals (SDGs) especially Goal 4; Education, which we believe is integral to the achievement of all the other goals.


Education Quality Improvement projects (EQUIP)

• To provide and support our beneficiaries, especially the most marginalized and disadvantaged in society (vulnerable children, youth, persons with disabilities, prison inmates, women and our local communities) through our Educational Quality Improvement Projects (EQUIP) with lifelong learning opportunities. Thus, promoting and implementing SDG 4.
• EQUIP bridges educational gaps through the KIR Foundation Book Drive Campaign; (we donate books, establish book clubs, reading corners or equip existing libraries), other projects under EQUIP include; building infrastructure, hosting summer school activities, organizing leadership, career guidance and counselling, entrepreneurship and inclusive young leadership academy (YLA) projects.
• The main objective of EQUIP is to help our beneficiaries to become educated, employable and innovative leaders that have the tools to solve the world’s toughest problems in their communities.


Resource, Rehabilitation, Integration, Support and Empowerment (RRISE) Projects.

  • We develop and improve the human capacity and capability of our beneficiaries through our Resource, Rehabilitation, Integration, Support and Empowerment (RRISE) Projects.
  • The aim is to equip our beneficiaries with and without disabilities to become self-reliant by providing inclusive learning experiences in form of talent, skills and knowledge training and internship opportunities for them to practice what they have learnt.
  • We offer an extensive curriculum on vocational training.  Project activities under RRISE include; Skills for Life, Vocational Training, Youth Employability Initiative
  • Since, 2013 we have implemented 40 vocational skills training for youth.


Harnessing Opportunities Promoting Equality (HOPE) Projects.

  • We promote the rights of all our beneficiaries by creating awareness in the society and advocacy campaigns through our Harnessing Opportunities Promoting Equality (HOPE) Projects.
  • We dialogue with stakeholders to incorporate inclusiveness in all developmental issues. The aim of HOPE is to provide opportunities that empower our beneficiaries to become their own voice.



  • We initiate sustainable systems and change around inclusion through our KIR Foundation Inclusive Resource and Rehabilitation Community Centre.
  • Our Centre consists of an inclusive vocational workshop for our target beneficiaries, a creative abilities department for persons with disabilities, that provides rehabilitation and recreation services, a resource/ ICT department, a training room and administrative offices.
  • The aim of the Centre is to rehabilitate and to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in developmental issues and projects. Also, to provide access to educational resources and to develop collaborative and ongoing relationships with self-advocates with disabilities. As well as, all stakeholders including but not limited to government, non-governmental, faith-based and corporate organizations, educational institutions and agencies.

Over the past 8 years KIR Foundation has been supported by our board members, staff, volunteers, facilitators, sponsors, individuals and corporate donors who have enabled us to invest in the lives of over 29,046 beneficiaries in Adamawa State, Edo State, Imo State, Lagos State, Niger State, Plateau State, Kwara State, Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and Ghana.
Since 2011, with support from our board members, advisory committee, donors, partners, volunteers and staff.
KIR Foundation has donated 21,123 books, reached 25,458 youth, learning projects impacted 3,588 and received 12,362 books from 11 organisations and 8 individuals.
KIR Foundation has facilitated in and supported 3 Universities, 75 Schools, 3 Book clubs, 5 orphanages, 5 prisons and 5 Juvenile homes. KIR Foundation has donated 48 Braille Slates/ Stylus and numerous educational accessories, 9 computers and empowered 19 women.