Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation has adopted six schools to deal with the education emergency prevalent in the North. With such a huge problem everyone has to play their part to solve it. That includes non-profit organizations. Which is why KIR Foundation has adopted six primary schools in Northern Nigeria; three in Adamawa State, one in Niger State, two in Plateau State and is also working with the two IDP camps in Plateau State. 

Prize Giving and Book Donation Day 2017

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation is celebrating 6 years of humanitarian service with a Price Giving and Book Donation Day at The Special School for Handicapped Children (SSHC). KIR Foundation promotes the Sustainable Development Goals especially Goal 4, by implementing educational quality improvement projects. According to UNICEF, about 95 percent of children with disabilities numbering over 7 million are out of school in Nigeria. Global Citizen Reports indicates that the lack of educational materials is the 4th hindrance to quality education especially for students with disabilities