Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Our Children, Our Future: The KIR Foundation’s Book Drive Campaign Keeps Children Engaged In Learning


At the end of a long dirt road, towards the hills, children dressed in faintly dark-brown and cheque coloured uniforms are singing a beautiful song of welcome and gratitude as our team arrived, while their proudly teachers looked on.

The children are pupils of L.E.A Primary School Alungu-Lungu, located in the outskirts of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The headteacher, Mr Moses welcomed us and led us directly into a classroom filled with children giggling to one another while being shy of the camera. The L.E.A Primary School Alungu-Lungu, is one of the underserved public schools across Nigeria suffering from lack of the basic amenities that enables a school to
function properly. Mr Moses shared with us some of the challenges the school has been facing. The school lacks; access to clean water, materials for teaching and learning, furniture and toilets.

 L.E.A Primary School Alungu-lungu was selected as one of the beneficiaries of our 10th Anniversary Book Drive Campaign to set-up 50 reading corners across the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja the capital. KIR Foundation aspires to imbibe the reading culture among children in underserved and marginalised community primary schools nationwide.

Our volunteer implementing partner, The Blessing Bassey Foundation, proceeded to establish a reading corner and donated a bookshelf with over 187 books to the school. While setting up the reading corner, the team read ‘The greedy tortoise and other stories’, a compilation of African Folktales, to the students. With eyes focused and ears ardently open to hear, the pupils paid rapt attention and did not hesitate to share with our team the moral lessons they learnt from the story. While some of them were eager to share what they learnt, others were shy to come forward. However, 10-year-old Gideon, the head boy of the school boldly stepped up to read a page from the book. Wowed by his brilliance, the team gifted him his first ever storybook. Filled with excitement, he let out a very loud thank you with a military salute, and ran to meet with his friends showing them his storybook.

8-year-old Nancy, a primary four pupil, was another brilliant girl who caught our attention by the way she gallantly stepped out to share the lesson she learnt from the story. Her courageous act spurred others to come forward to share their lessons with us.

Despite the hot weather, the Book Drive Campaign was a huge success. It is our sincere hope that the books will ignite a reading culture and enlighten their minds. Some of these pupils shared with our team that they have never had a storybook before and promised that they will always visit the reading corner to read during their free time. The quality of an education system cannot rise above the quality of its materials available. If a nation’s children are its future, quality education is the means of getting there.

Education is the cornerstone of a society’s prosperity and stability; a strong education sector means a strong nation. KIR Foundation will continue to be custodians of education. We envision a world in which the people we serve have access to learning that creates empowering opportunities for a better future and service to humanity.



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